Cindy Shellito

Paleoclimate Modeling
Department of Earth Sciences, UC Santa Cruz

Imagine North America 50 million years ago...

(My 'Eocene field trip' in Monteverde 
Cloud Forest Preserve, Costa Rica.)

Evidence from Eocene fossil flora and fauna suggests that it looked something like the environment in this photo. Middle and high latitudes were warm enough to support palm trees and crocodiles, while tropical temperatures were not much warmer than those of today. My dissertation research focuses on how greenhouse gases, such as methane and carbon dioxide, and associated changes in atmospheric and ocean heat transport may have produced such a warm, equable climate. I am also interested in how such gases may have been responsible for the rapid warming at the end of the Paleocene, 55 Ma, a time known as the 'Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum'.


In September I attended the 
Helmholtz Institute (HISP) for Sumpercomputational Physics 
Summer School 2002 in Potsdam, Germany
Scientific Supercomputing in Climate Research



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1156 High Street
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UC Santa Cruz
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